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June 1, 2014 – Issue 1

Over the past thirty+ years, we’ve restored, rebuilt, fixed and covered so many religious and historical buildings that wit would be impossible to count. Many of our customers come from Archdiocese of New York, Brooklyn, Archdiocese of Newark, Metuchen, Patterson, Trenton, Camden, Archdiocese of Philadelphia and others. We’ve restored hundreds of churches historical buildings. Some of the roofs we did in the early days are still standing strong. In the next issue we’re going to take a deeper look into our current projects and bring you more in-depth preview of the type of work we do. Also feel free to explore the site and send us an email, or call us anytime.  Our leader, Zeljko (Jake) Vuk is well known in many of the (Arch)Dioceses as a go-to persona for quality work. Give us a chance to work on your Church and we’ll prove why we were able to stay in business for so long and why our work proves the quality of our craftsmanship.

Cro-International started out in Central Jersey by aforementioned Jake Vuk, who originally grew up working and subcontracting work from other larger companies in restoring roofs, sidings and alike. Over the time, many churches in Diocese of Metuchen were worked on. In the early nineties St. Mary Of Mount Virgin (Now parish of Visitation) – roof was re-built which still stands today.

St. Mary Of Mount Virgin - New Brunswick (Parish of Visitation - now)
St. Mary Of Mount Virgin – New Brunswick
(Parish of Visitation – now)

Other churches in the proximity were worked on as well, and as the business grew, so did the reputation. We are proud to stand behind our work and in most cases will be able to provide very competitive bids on large projects. Hopefully in the future you can consider us as a viable option in your projects.

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